Map of Little Big Things Participants



The first event conducted by the Municipality of Kastoria in Greece, between 4 and 8 of April 2014.

The representatives who participated on this first meeting, were informed by various local organizations about theirs actions and the first bridges for communication were build between the member cities.

During the first day the participants learnt about the Byzanine history of Kastoria and plant a tree all together symbolizing the commemoration of the project. In the afternoon they visited the DayCenter of Integrated Care for children, teenagers and young people with autism of the Association for the protection of people with autism and development disorders, which was established and operates with the support of European Union.

In the second day each delegation described analytically the structure of its Municipality, its competences, sectors of responsibilities, number of employees etc. and how EU helped its local development. Also there was a meeting with the "Association of the Municipal Employees of Kastoria" during which they discusses about their common problems and prospects.

Third day, the participants contacted with local social groups and organizations. Visited the department of Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia” where they were acquainted with AEGEE Kastoria, a European student forum. In addition there was a visit and presentation of the pilot nursery school at Maniakoi Kastoria where they discussed about harmonization of family and professional life. Finally they visited the "Center of Consulting Support for Women Victims of Violence", which provises multi-service advisory support to women who are or have been victims of violence.


The second event conducted at Santa Venera 17-21 January 2015 on beautiful island of Malta. This meeting tightened the members relationships and gave the opportunity for new participants to present their actions.
First Day was an acquaintance among members of representations and with the tradition places of Malta. Places where architecture heritage may be regarded as good practice.

The Second Day Exchanged experiences and best practices. Also met President of the Republic of Malta which noted the significance of the project, this time prevailing both the economic crisis and the crisis of the principles and vision of the European Union.

 And the Third Day, future prospects for cooperation discussed, presented by the representatives their actions, founded common interests and started contacts for future development.


Third Event: Lousã on Portugal, 14-18 march 2015.
 Lousã maybe it is the best example, where good practices can developed by small places.
Innovations, technology, ecology and traditional architecture, give the character of city..
First Day, a tour to Serra da Lousã introduce a wild landscape and a Sustained Development Plan for the Schist Villages had to create modern infrastructures, to train the population and to promote a tourist culture.

Second Day, visited the "Lousã New School" and Presented new
Tecnologie Educational Tools
(Oratio Classroom)

Finaly the Third Day Visited to ARCIL, a dynamic organization,
employing and helps people with disabilities 



From 25 to 29 April 2015 conducted the fourth "little big thing" event at Ville de Bram on France.